Thursday, October 1, 2015

Contingency Plans Highlight Effects of Future Shutdown on Federal Agencies

Contingency Plans Highlight Effects of Future Shutdown on Federal Agencies

The PTO, according to information provided in the Department of Commerce's predecisional shutdown contingency plan, "has sufficient funds from other than FY16 appropriaions to continue full operations for at least 4 weeks."  All 12,703 PTO employees will continue working during that period, the plan said.  The PTO maintained its operations during the government shutdown two years ago.  "It is likely that USPTO will remain open on operating reserves as they did in 2013," a Commerce Department spokeswoman told us.  However, after the period in which the PTO is operating on nonappropriated funding or if the office were not to utilize it, it will execute the original contingency plan of the Department of Commerce, according to the predecisional plan.  The department's plan calls for the PTO to maintain its patent and trademark application processing procedures and allow 117 employees, including PTO Director Michelle Lee, to continue working during the shutdown period.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Ready to OPen Two New Regional Offices

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Ready to Open Two New Regional Offices
Sept. 30, 2015

Three years ago, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) started expanding its physical presence across the country in order to bring resources to the doorsteps of innovators and help entrepreneurs advance their cutting-edge ideas to the marketplace.  Two regional offices are already open and operating - the Elijah J. McCoy Regional Office in Detroit and the Rocky Mountain Regional Office in Denver. Over the next six weeks the USPTO will open permanent offices in two locations - the Silicon Valley Regional Office in San Jose will open on October 15 and the Texas Regional Office in Dallas will open on November 9.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FREE Workshop - "How the Library Helps Your Business"

For those entrepreneurs and inventors ready to start your own business, please venture down to the Central Library of the Saint Louis Public Library, located at 1301 Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103 - 2325. We have an excellent free workshop that you can sign-up for. "How the Library Helps Your Business" is a new workshop that will be taught by our Business Librarians on Wednesday, September 23, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.It will be taught in our second floor training room that is close to the Locust Street entrance.

When you attend, you will get free information on the valuable resources that an entreprenur can use at our Central Library. We will cover business databases that are available both in and outside the Library (if you have a SLPL Library card you can access many databases from home. Government documents and websites and new books that we have available will also be discussed.

Please call (314) 539-0390 or email,, to register. Space is limited.

Monday, June 15, 2015

How Pyrex Transformed the Way We Cook

How Pyrex Transformed the Way We Cook

Fast Company - June 12, 2015
The story of how the kitchenware brand Pyrex first entered America's kitchens reads like a tall tale. The saga began in 1913 when Corning scientists were investigating new applications for the heavy-duty glass that was originally used for railroad lanterns. In 1914, Bessie Littleton, the wife of a Corning scientist, took a battery jar made from Nonex—what Corning called its temperature-resistant borosilicate glass—and used it to bake a sponge cake. She marveled at how the cooking time was shorter compared to conventional cookware (which would've been metal or ceramic) and how the glass allowed her to monitor how the cake was doing on all sides.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kent Ritzel - Designer of Allegro CookWaren - IASL

Hello All,

Our next Inventors Meet Up is Thursday June 4th.    

Kent Ritzel,  design director from Fred Sparks will speak about inventing housewares products and the importance of a good product design which increases your chances to making money on your invention.

In the early 1990's he designed a cookware line that sold 25 million in 6 months through Direct Response TV.

Come hear about his secrets to successful inventing!

Look foward to seeing you there,


INVENTORS Association of St.Louis June Meet Up


Thursday, June 4th , 5-8pm | This is a FREE EVENT; open to the public.
  •  5-6 pm  Network with Kent Ritzel and IASL members
  •  6-6:30 pm  Keynote Event:   (2nd FL - Havana Room)
  • 6:30-7 pm   After the meeting: Get 1-2-1 with IASL attendees

IASL June Keynote Topic: "designing products that sell"

Kent Ritzel,  design director for Fred Sparks.   In the early 90's Kent was the lead designer/inventor for the hot selling Allegro CookWare line that sold 25 million on TV in 6 months.

More about Kent Ritzel-30 years as a Strategic Development Expert with successful track record in developing ground-breaking, award-winning products, creative processes for product development, and innovative approaches to business, brand and market development.


Venture Café @  Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) | 4240 Duncan Ave, 2nd FLOOR - St Louis, MO 63110 



Free, ample parking (park on the NE corner of the building); enter on the NW corner 



refreshments provided


IASL Mission:

IASL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1984 solely for educational purposes. IASL’s mission: CONNECT. EDUCATE. LAUNCH. IASL is committed to providing resources, advisement and support to inventors, entrepreneurs and idea generators in the public and private sectors.


Venture Café Gathering:

The Venture Café enhances and accelerates the innovation process through spaces, programs, and conversations for individuals and organizations to gather and build relationships. The Venture Cafe Gathering is the flagship event for The Venture Cafe - St. Louis. Every Thursday from 3:00pm - 8:00pm the innovation community is welcomed to gather at 4240 Duncan Ave. to connect with other innovators and share ideas.  Every week various organizations come together and schedule programing (including IASL events on the 1st Thursday of every month) to inspire a wide range of attendees from the greater St. Louis region.  Check out whats coming up every week at



For more information,

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